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Gene's Costumes is committed to providing quality theatre costumes at affordable prices. At Gene's we are dedicated to providing your cast with clean, quality costumes that will undoubtedly bring additional flair to your production. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of numerous shows and consider ourselves very well versed in historical time periods. 
No production is beyond our capabilities, whether you need costumes for your entire production or a few key pieces to enhance items from your own costume inventory. Regardless of your needs, we provide thorough and dependable



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Theatre Pricing

Theatre rental prices are not fixed as no two productions are identical. If we are providing one or two costumes to enhance what you already have, you can expect to pay regular retail rental prices per costume.

We are available to costume your entire cast! Pricing depends on the size of your cast and how many costumes you need per character. 

It is helpful for us to know your costume budget before you contact us and we will work within that budget whenever possible.

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Porgy and Bess, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Spring, 2019

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Getting Started!

Our Theatre Rental Process

Once you have secured the rights to your show and have determined your costume budget, please give us a call to get on our calendar. We will record the date of your show and determine when you will be able to pick up your costumes. We can deliver your costumes for an additional fee which is based on distance. Please see "Costume Best Practices" for more information about fittings, etc. Generally, costumes are delivered during your tech week, one week before your performance/s. Costumes are expected to be returned the week immediately following your production. Payment can be made in advance, when costumes are returned or within ten days of the closing of your show. 

We are available to measure your cast if need be and we actually prefer to measure them to assure the most accuracy. However, if you prefer to take your own measurements, please click on the links at the bottom of the theatre page (or here) to download and print "How to Measure" and the "Cast Measurement Sheet"

Please be sure to include the following in the spaces indicated:

  • Cast name/character name/s Please list ALL characters played by one performer on the same line next to their name.

  • Indicate if the performer is male or female. If they are a female playing a male role, please make note of that on the sheet. 

  • How many costumes you think you'll need for each character.

  • Take the measurements using the guide on the "How to Measure" form. It is helpful if one person does all the measurements if possible for consistency. Cast members should remove bulky sweaters or sweatshirts when measured. 


      These are the only measurements we        truly need:

  •  Height

  • Bust/Chest

  • Waist

  • Hip (Female only)

  • Outseam or Waist to floor

  • Waist to knee (Female if dresses are needed)

  • Neck and sleeve length. 

A few more things:

  • Once you have completed  your measurements for ALL your cast, email them to us! The sooner you send your measurements, the sooner we can begin on your show. If you have a few stragglers who have missed rehearsal, etc. you can send them along when you get them, but we prefer the list be complete before you send them.

  • Please have your director and/or costume coordinator/s read the document "Costume Best Practices" sheet and initial by each item. Email the signed form with your measurements.

If you have any questions about the process, we will be glad to help! 


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Deranged 2019

U.S. Army Downrange
Halloween 2019

AD 20194.jpg
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How To Measure

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Cast Measurement Sheet

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