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If you'd rather not own a costume, how about considering a rental!

We carry a large inventory of high quality rental costumes for all occasions. From costume galas to historical functions and presentations, Genes can provide a rental costume to suit your needs.


General Rentals

Rental prices vary upon what you are renting.  Rentals begin at around $35 per day and go up to as much as $250 for some of our deluxe rentals, although most cap at around $65 per day.  Generally you would pick up the costume the day before you need it and return the day after. Rentals for the weekend are generally due back Monday if we are closed on Sunday (we are only open Sundays in October) Weekly rentals can be arranged.  Please inquire about extended rental fees. 

To guarantee your rental, payment must be made at the time of the reservation. A credit card number is required and kept on file until your rental is returned. Please be prompt with returns to avoid late fees.

Theatre Rentals

Theatre rental prices are not fixed, as no two productions are identical. If we are one or two costumes to enhance what you already have you can expect to pay retail prices per costume.  We ARE available to costume your entire cast! Pricing depends on the size of your cast and how many costumes you actually need per character.  Knowing your budget for costumes ahead of time is helpful and we will always try to work within that budget whenever possible.  Please call to set up and appointment to discuss your theatre costume needs.


Halloween/Holiday Rentals

Renting a costume is not like renting a car or a carpet cleaner! People and costumes come in all different shapes and sizes and it's best to try things on to ensure proper fit. We have hundreds of rentals in many sizes, although some of our costumes are 'one of a kind'. We often can put together pieces to create a character if we don't have a costume per se, and we do lots of period costumes which you may not see in our masquerade room. If you have an idea, share it with us and hopefully we can help. Please keep in mind, though, that we don't keep a lot of contemporary pieces of clothing in our rentals; a thrift store might be a better resource for that, but DO come to us for hats, wigs and accessories!

Rentals: Meet The Team
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